The Governing Body

Learn about our governors and what they have done over the past year by reading our most recent Governors Statement...

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There is also a quick summary of the work done by the governing body in the last academic year... click here.

What is the governing body?

The governing body is a group of 16 people. It is made up of parents, staff and members of the local community. The body supports the leadership of the school. Governors are motivated by a commitment to the children, and work to make sure they get the best out of their time at Roundhay St John’s. The role is voluntary and not paid.


There are different types of governor:

Foundation governors -  (nine places) are nominated by local churches. They are formally appointed by the Diocese of Leeds. 

Local Authority - representative (one place) is appointed by Leeds City Council

Parent representative - (three places) are elected by parents

Staff governor representative - (one) is elected by staff 

Co opted  - the governing body may invite someone to join he governing body based on their particular skills.  At Roundhay St John's the governing body co opt the Deputy Headteacher

The Headteacher  is always a member of the governing body.

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What do governors do?

The governing body’s responsibilities are to:

  • provide advice and support to the school
  • help maintain the school’s Christian values
  • help set the school’s vision and aims
  • agree school policies
  • help the school make good use of resources
  • monitor the school’s performance
  • provide support and challenge to the Headteacher in managing the school

The full governing body meets once a term. Meetings are usually in the evening. Most governors are also members of at least one sub-committee. Sub-committees focus on specific areas of the school’s work including Teaching and Learning, Resources, Health, Safety and Premises, and the Headteacher’s performance management. 

Sub-committees meet regularly – often during the school day – and report to the full governing body.

Minutes are taken of all meetings. These can be viewed via the school office.

Some governors are given special responsibilities. This may be for safeguarding children, race equality, or the School Council. Some governors are linked to a specific class or subject area.

As well as attending meetings each governor aims to visit the school at least once a term. During the visit the governor observes everyday school activities. This helps them to gain an understanding of school life.

How can I get involved?

Vacancies for governor occur regularly. The way to get involved depends on the type of vacancy you are interested in. You can approach your local church about foundation governor opportunities or stand for election as a parent governor.

The school wants the Governing Body to reflect the school community. Governors bring a range of skills and life experiences to the body. No formal qualifications are needed.

The most important qualification is a wish to make sure that the children get the best out of their time at Roundhay St John’s.

Governors contribute by gaining an understanding of the school, the challenges it faces and by being willing to ask questions.

Please contact the school if you are interested in joining the Governing Body.  We will be very pleased to hear from you.


How will I be supported if I become a governor?

When someone is appointed as a governor, there is training available from the Local Authority. There is also one to one support from a current governor, who will become your governor ‘buddy’.