Mr Graham

Mr A D Graham

Head teacher, Safeguarding,  Assessment, Ethnic Minority Achievement, Collective Worship


"Mr Graham is the head teacher to many classes. He organises everything and he is very friendly."


Mrs Harvey

Mrs C Harvey

 Deputy Head Teacher, Y6 teacher, SENDCO,           Early Years Leader


"Mrs Harvey is always happy and smiley and drinks lots of cups of tea. She is good at phonics and numbers."

Mr Cohen





Mr R Cohen

Year 4, PE, Learning platform


"Mr Cohen is the Year 4 teacher. He is very funny and enthusiastic. He organises sports in school."

Miss C Aldred

Year 3


"Miss Aldred is a teacher for year 3 and is amazing at teaching you in such a fun way. She helps us achieve our targets."

Mrs Gordon

Mrs S Gordon

Reception, Music


"Mrs Gordon is a music teacher to many classes. She is good at leading wake up shake up and she is very kind."


Miss Hewitt 

 Miss Hewitt

Year 6, Maths, Ethnic minority achievement


"Miss Hewitt teaches Year 6 and Wake up Shake up. She is good at singing and is always happy to help." 

Ms Haunch

Mrs K Chapman

Reception, Health and Wellbeing Leader, Investors in Pupils Lead


"Mrs Chapman is the teacher in Reception. She likes shopping, walking and visiting her friends. She is my favourite teacher."




Mrs J Meadows

Year 1



"Mrs Meadows is the new teacher in year 1. She is always very happy and smiley"






Miss Mann

Miss L Mann

Year 3, R.E


"Miss Mann is very nice and caring, I really like her. I like it when she teaches science."

Mrs Vallance-Barrett

Mrs Vallance-Barrett

Nursery,                 Art and Design Technology, Display


"Mrs Vallance-Barrett is teaching Nursery. She is very nice and she always has a smile on her face."

Mrs Richards

Mrs C Richards

Year 2, ICT, intervention strategies


"Mrs Richards is Year 2’s teacher. She taught us all about The Great of London. She let us set fire to our models because Mr Graham gave her permission to do it. Mrs Richards does really fun work with us and she is kind."









Miss Whitehead

Year 5, Literacy, Languages


"Miss Whitehead is the teacher in year 5 and always makes lessons really interesting. She is really kind and sometimes funny."


 Miss Casey

Year 1, Computing


Miss Casey is the teacher in year 1. She reads good stories to us.