Teaching Assistants

Mrs Ejraee

Miss U Ditta

Learning Mentor


"Miss Ditta is the learning mentor. She likes to help all of the children"


 Mrs J Atkinson

Teaching Assistant Year 4


"Mrs Atkinson works in year 4 and helps the children and Mr Cohen"


Mrs Cusworth

 Mrs K Cusworth

Teaching Assistant in Year 4, Ethnic Minority Achievement


"Mrs Cusworth is a teaching assistant. She is very, very jolly. She draws good pictures and is very friendly with everyone."

Mrs Dunkley

 Mrs B Dunkley

Teaching Assistant in Year 3


" Mrs Dunkley is the Teaching Assistant . She is the queen of maths and really helpful. She is good with the recorder and always joins in with everything."









Mrs Matthews

 Mrs K Matthews

Teaching Assistant in Year 5


"Mrs Mathews helps me to learn to read and write in year 1. She is very kind and helps me with lots of things."



Mrs Newton

 Mrs A Newton

Teaching Assistant in Year 4


"Mrs Newton is a teaching assistant in year 4. She teaches extra maths and literacy in the mornings. She is good at it and makes it fun."


Mrs Parmar

 Mrs H Parmar

Teaching Assistant in Year 6, First Aid


"Mrs Parmar is a teaching assistant in year 6. She is very pretty and is great at cooking."







 Mrs D Hodgson

Teaching Assistant


" Mrs Hodgson looks after children that need extra support. She likes gardening"



Mrs Larkin 

 Mrs Larkin

Teaching Assistant in Reception


"Mrs Larkin works in Nursery. She reads nice stories to us."



Mrs Wilkinson

 Mrs S Wilkinson

Teaching Assistant in Year 1


"Mrs Wilkinson is a teaching assistant in year 4. She helps us with our writing and reading."