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Governors' statement

A summary of the work of the governing body during 2017-18 

  • We helped compile and then monitored the School Development Plan through visits to school, discussions with staff and children and analysis of data. These visits focused on a variety of issues including modern languages, intervention, SEND provision, attendance, the SDP priorities and safeguarding. 
  • We attended various school events in order to support and better understand the schools’ work as a community and in the community – e.g. Pancake Pandemonium, Christmas fair, summer fair
  • We reviewed, updated and approved a range of policies all relating to the effective running of the school and ensuring the best possible outcomes to children’s education.
  • Working together with the school’s leadership team we set and monitored the budget.
  • Governors attended Local Authority training on a number of topics  including interpretation of data, Children Looked After, safer recruitment, monitoring behaviour management and exclusions, induction, administration of SATs tests and preparing for Ofsted.
  • We monitored the school’s effectiveness as a C of E school through visits to school and by joining in with school acts of worship and attending Christmas performances.
  • Governors upheld the ethos of the school, offering the gift of Christian faith as a gift to be explored through leading acts of worship and Easter activities which provided children with opportunity to reflect on Christian belief.
  • We further developed links between the school and local churches (especially Oakwood church) through encouraging external visits to the school from local churches, ensuring the school is represented in church newsletters, reporting to Oakwood church PCC and participation in church/school events ourselves.
  • We further developed links between parents and the governing body through attending some parents’ evenings and leading parent forums. Three parent forums were held, giving parents opportunity to meet governors and to discuss particular aspects of school life ( eg sport/PE, children’s enjoyment of school, food, how safe children feel, charging relating to school trips)
  • We increased our understanding of the school’s role and position both locally and nationally by attending events organised by the local authority (e.g. governor briefings), the local cluster and the diocese. We supported other schools and the LA by sitting on appeals panels.
  • Several governors helped administer SATS tests for children who needed to take the tests separately from their peers. This increased understanding of SEND provision within the school.
  • We monitored health and safety in the school through discussions and visits.
  • We monitored the refurbishment of the school house as an extra resource for the school
  • We continued to evaluate and improve our effectiveness as a governing body. We supported new governors through individual induction meetings and all governors with an individual annual review meeting.
  • Governance was judged by Ofsted to be a strength of the school in July 2018


Julia Thompson

FGB: 4/5   Resources: 4/5   T and L: 3/3   SIAMS: 2/2   Strategy 3/3

Pat Urry

FGB: 5/5 5/5 Resources:  Strategy: 3/3 Admissions: 1/1

George Bailey

FGB: 4/5   T and L: 1/3   SIAMS: 2/2

Gillian Banks-Turner

FGB: 1/3   Resources: 1/3   SIAMS: NA   H and S: 1/1

John Butler

FGB: 3/3   Resources: 3/3   Strategy:  2/3   Admissions: 1/1

Sonia Kasibante

FGB: 4/5   SIAMS: 1/2

Andrea Kerridge

FGB: 4/5   Resources: 4/5   T and L: 3/3    Strategy: 3/3  H and S: 2/2

Kim Knowles

FGB: 5/5 T and L: 3/3  Strategy:3/3 

Leanora Rankine

FGB: 4/5   T and L: 3/3    SIAMS: 2/2 Admissions: 1/1

Doug Roberts

FGB:2/2  H and S:1/1

Morris Smith

FGB: 5/5   Resources: 5/5     H and S: 3/3

Rebecca Stone

FGB: 3/5   T and L: 3/3

Ellie Tamlyn

FGB: 4/4 H and S: 2/2

Alison Vallance-Barratt

FGB: 5/5   H and S: 3/3